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FEEDBACK by Robison Wells

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I finished “Feeback” by Robison Wells last night, and even after a good night’s sleep (well, as good as I can get with a two year old in the house), I still don’t know what to think.
I enjoyed how the cliffhanger ending of “Variant” was the immediate jumping off point of “Feedback.” You pick up instantly with the action at the same moment where the first book ended.
More stuff I liked: I think Wells deserves credit for exploring some pretty thought-provoking subjects in such an action heavy book. In the middle of all the running, fighting, hiding, plotting, and planning, I found myself thinking about how power corrupts, how people can turn on each other instead of their true enemy so easily, and what price is too high to pay for freedom? Is there a price too high, and who gets to determine that price? Is it OK for one person to try and liberate another from a system they’re fine living in? (Wow, this just got really deep…Here, have a meme!!)

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The book doesn’t have the mind blowing plot twists of Variant, but I can honestly say of all the theorizing the students and I did about who/what was behind Maxfield, I totally didn’t guess the truth.
That big reveal—the forces running the Academy—is where I’m really hung up with this review. I ended the book thinking, “Man, I wonder what’s going to happen now.” Benson accomplished his goal and rescued the kids from Maxfield, but there is clearly going to be major, worldwide fallout from his discoveries. When I went to the author’s website, he said this series was a two book deal: Variant and Feedback only. There’s not a book three.
I am going to do my level best NOT to spoil the book, so prepare for vagueness and confusing remarks!!! (You know, the usual stuff I write!)
So, I suppose we are meant to be content knowing the kids (well, those who survived anyway) succeed in their mission, but they have nowhere to go, no families to return to, and the secret behind Maxfield is sure to have catostrophic consequences. I have no clue what the motivation for the plan behind creating the androids was, if the creators were trying to take over the planet or what. The one Benson encounters says they’re merely “here to observe” but that seems a little unlikely considering the lengths they’ve gone to in creating their androids and training them to blend in with society.
I don’t mean to sound like I didn’t enjoy Feedback. I really did. I was just thrown by the ending and how I expected at least one more book.
Is there another book? Did I read bad info on this??
One more thing: Wells has got the coolest author website! He has a chapter-by-chapter behind the scenes look at Variant (book one in this series) including inspirations for different characters, scenes, plot points, and themes he wanted to portray. I also enjoy how he has a character encyclopedia with each character’s picture. He casts his books like a movie. So if you’re wondering what a certain person in the books looks like, you can find out.
(Seriously, this is a pretty great author website!)
I wantedd to point that out since I complained a wee bit about not knowing what Benson looked like in my Variant review.
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Such a good fairy-tale retelling with a happy ending!!



  1. I didn't read Variant, though I've heard it's very good. It sounds like you were left with a lot of questions. I hope this isn't the last in the series if that's true. I HATE open ended books. I want concrete endings! Love your review style! I'm from the South too, so howdy y'all. And I'm of the same mind, can't say something nice, don't say it at all. Catch more flies with honey than vinegar and the sayings go on and on!

    Um the retriever with the computer? That's me and blogger as well. And it seems once I get the hang of it, they change it. I'm no programmer that's for sure!

    I love Entwined! Can't wait for your giveaway!

  2. My sister and I both loved the first one, so I'm sure we'll be checking this one out soon! Thanks for the tip about his site. That's way cool!

  3. I lurved Variant & Feedback. And yes, the story of Benson concludes with Feedback. Rob hopes to write more books in the same world of Variant & Feedback though--to continue on with the larger story. So they'd be like companion books. But that's sometime in the future, maybe, possibly.


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