Saturday, September 29, 2012

Enshadowed by Kelly Creagh

Y'all, I waited FOREVER for this book.
I loved "Nevermore" so much, in part  because I wasn't expecting much from it and then it turned out to be so Gothic and creepy in parts, but super-sweet and romantic in others. I love when a book surprises me. I adored Varen and Isobel's relationship and how there was no insta-love. And no love triangle.
 Plus, it has probably my favorite description of a kiss ever in YA books:
"Sweet, soft demolition."
Come ON, people! Now how can a former English major resist that action?
Anyway, "Enshadowed" picks up where "Nevermore" left off. Varen is trapped in the dreamworld, Isobel needs to find Reynolds to figure out how to get Varen out, her family is worried about her and her best friend Gwen is there providing comic relief.
*Please forgive this scattered and semi-incoherent review. I have a discontented toddler who thinks she runs the blog...and also the world.)
 Here's the thing: this is a slow book. If you like classic novels, where the characterization and setting and descriptions are more the focus than fast-paced action, then you'll settle in and enjoy this book. It's definately a character-driven story, more about Isobel's journey to try and rescue Varen and how it affects her (and her family..yay for a YA heroine who has an active and involved family!) than plot twists or big revelations and the like.
"Enshadowed" is long. But I feel connected to these characters, and I need to  know what happens to them. I just hope there won't be a two year gap between this book and the publication of the final book in the series.
I enjoyed  learning more of Varen's backstory, how he came to be so deeply involved in the dreamworld, and who/what Lilith/Ligeia/Bess actually is.
The book ends on a massive cliffhanger. I understand why it did, but I wish it hadn't been so dadgum sad. Also, I agree with other reviewers who have said they wanted more Varen in the book.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what Kelly Creagh does with the next book, and I truly hope these fictional people I like so much get a happy ending.


Friday, September 28, 2012

What??? You're not supposed to take a nine month blogging break? :)
I'm back, and I know all two of my readers will be tickled.
The Reader's Digest ULTRA Condensed version of where I've been is this: starting homeschooling one kid, then went to Ukraine and adopted a toddler, and  life got messy.
The End.
But now I've got all the big kids in public school again and the newest addition (hereafter referred to as Sassy Pants) is in all kinds of therapy and that gives me a few hours to kill three days a week while she is with her wonderful therapists. So I'm hanging out in a public library with my laptop and hopefully will get some reading and reviewing done.
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